Some lovely words about Slacking on Pain

There have been some lovely words written about Slacking on Pain. I just wanted to draw you your attention to a couple of them that have been spotted recently.

Greek fanzine Gew Gaw found that

the "nudity" of this project is really exquisite. An album ideal for lonely audiences, especially when the darkness is ready to cover our thoughts!

REIDGRAVES Slacking On Pain @ New Gaw

Bliss/Aquamarine have always had nice things to say about The Contrast and describe SOP as " a well crafted art project" -

The poetry is grounded within gritty realism; the music varies between more melodic pieces, and those with a cinematic feel, much like incidental film music, with an on-edge angularity that builds up tension and accompanies well the unsettling lyrics of violence, homelessness, sickness, loneliness and loss.

David and Ron are very grateful for these and all reviews.

More information on Slacking on Pain can be found by clicking on the cover image below.