When you lie next to me

Soft as white sand drifted by hot winds

I trace the line of every dune and valley

With fingers lips and tongue

Seeking the wadi waiting for the coming flood

That rushes down from where the source has sprung

Then turned to silk

You lie before me as a wedding dress

And separating veils from layers

Bright chiffon from the rich damask

I smooth the shining folds and spread you out

Your orchid corsage found before the dusk

Now you are candlelight

And glowing softly in the darkness

You let me spread your light over my skin

Warming me through and letting me see

That I am now the shadow that you cast

From what I used to be

This was written as a love poem. I think love poetry is perhaps the purest form of poetry and, far from having a narrow focus, affords the poet the opportunity to explore limitless layers of meaning and experience. Here, it has become a surreal love song emphasising the transformative delight of an almost languorous, wallowing sensuality. David Reid’s music swirls and eddies in perfect harmony with the lyric. I told him I thought it needed to sound ‘lush’ and it does.