Cold in the night

He reaches for her

But she's gone

In the middle of the morning

Tea and biscuits on the porch

He gets her teacup from the cupboard

But she's gone

In the fading light of evening

He'd sit silent by her side

'Till one of them drew the curtains

But she's gone

There were all those years when she was here

And they shared each other's song

In the sunbeams and the shadows

But she's gone

Cold in the night he reaches for her

Where he thinks she still belongs

But she's gone

Into the empty wastes of longing

She has gone

A song about loss, the inevitability of loss and the hole we can fall into when loss is experienced. I think the lyric carries an echo of my thoughts about my dad after the death of my mam. This is the only other track for which I made a suggestion about the music. Originally, the music featured an interesting organ sound, but I thought it sounded like it wanted to be an accordion. David replaced the organ with an accordion that sounds a bit like a Parisian back street, and I think it enhances the poignancy of the piece.