One Knows

 He wants to buy himself a one meal wok

A one cake cake stand

A one hour clock

He likes to think about his one time girlfriend

A one shot deer kill

A one brush round the bend

He goes walking down a one way back street

He doesn't say one word

To any one he meets

He goes to watch the one day cricket

He buys a one time only offer

But there's no return on a one way ticket

He's got a one dimensional one track mind

About getting to the one great truth

But not the one that he can find

Seems like he's flying in a one winged aeroplane

One day he crashes back

Into his one roomed flat again

He eats his meal for one

    He has his cake for one

He drinks his drink for one

    He thinks his thoughts for one

He dreams his dreams for one

    Lying in his bed for one

At one he feels ill

He takes a one dose diarrhoea pill

He didn't take his one chance to be fulfilled

And everyone knows he never will

For many people, modern life is a lonely business. We live at a time when alienation from ourselves (the things we do, what we produce, even our own thoughts and emotions) and from other people, whom we are encouraged to view with suspicion and fear, has become the order of things. If we miss our opportunities - don’t dare to take our chances - those moments are likely to slip by and never return. Perhaps we only have a few opportunities to become who we can be, and if we miss those chances, or take a wrong turning, we may be doomed to remain isolated and unfulfilled. There is no intentional mockery in this song, merely sadness that the brilliant possibilities of a life can be wasted. (Just for information, when I was writing this lyric I saw a ‘one meal wok’ on sale in the local Lakeland shop, and a little one cake cake stand in Marks and Spencers.)