Songs and Beer

 Where's my love

And where's my baby

Where's my definite

And maybe

Where's my alpha

And omega

Where's my xbox

And my sega

I Iove her tits

I love her arse

I love her many

Secret parts

I love her heart

I love her soul

I love to fuck

Her tight arsehole

I want her now

I want her here

I want her in

My songs and beer

I may be trite

I may be course

I may not have

A poet's force

But she inspires me to love

As I have never loved

So for her sake

My heart may break

And I might die for love

Another love song. We wanted to come up with something that was authentic and true, that expressed the joyful possibilities of sexual love and was, also, beautiful. I think David’s music, combined with the layered backing vocals, make this a lovely, sweet song about desire and adoration.