Slacking on Pain

The new ReidGraves album, Slacking On Pain, marries Ron Graves’ spoken word performances to David Reid’s innovative guitar.They wanted to do more than simply stick a music track in the background and have produced a coherent piece of work in which the words and music form a whole.

The tracks on the album tell stories, make observations of modern life (without making judgements) and offer a few thoughts about avoiding too much misery. The theme is that life is beautiful but that living can be cripplingly complicated.The point seems to be that rather than ‘slacking on pain’ we all need to confront it and deal with it. Finally, there is an optimistic call to arms in the closing track, Rise Up!

Each track features, strictly, one voice and one guitar.

For the album artwork, photographer Marc A. Price has contributed images that represent further expressions of the subject matter.

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June 9th 2017

On Falling

River Noir

Curve of the Earth



Diamond in the Dirt

Hot Strawberries


The River Wear


The Significance of Beauty


Paris 13 November 2015

Rise Up!